About Us

  1. Company Overview

    1. Mobiskribe.com also known as Mobiskribe Technologies Pvt Ltd is an online marketplace platform which offers the smart way of subscription based services.
      We intend to provide various services and become a one stop digital subscriptions company. As the name suggest mobile and subscribe, we give subscription solution to a vendor to serve online. Our aim is to provide entire process of subscription digitally on a figure tip.
  2. Logo Concept

    1. Logo:
      Mobiskribe Concept Image
    2. Mobiskribe is recognized as one of the most innovative startups in india , which intend to serve marketplace oriented subscription services.
      It helps customers and the sellers to communicate properly at a single platform. Mobiskribe intends to serve various subscription based services through its portal.
  3. Mission

    1. Becoming an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction in subscription Services.
      Our motto is to keep the customers happy finding the service provider for the said service and provide them with a solution to make their subscription process easy.
  4. Vision

    1. Redefine subscription oriented business, making the process easy on a finger Tip.
  5. Our Team

    1. We are young passionate positive attitude oriented warriors with desire to WIN.